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We must have typed and erased and typed again a hundred possible introductions to today’s featured artist. Not because she’s hard to write about—but because there is so much to write about you don’t really know where to start. Think you’ve seen great photography before? Unless you’ve glimpsed the work of Denise Prince you ain’t seen nothing yet.

What defines a good photographer? Is it someone who catches powerful, candid, in-the-moment shots that shape history? Definitely. But a good photographer is also someone with the ability to craft photographic compositions that are thematic, thought-provoking and which have something very complex to say about our society.

We’ve been fans of Denise ever since her “Things I never told you” series she did a few years back. Women are placed in surreal settings that really say something about how we view women in society—and how they view themselves. Two recent series are just completely knocking us off of our feet, though. “Social Scene” is a series of lovely, decadent and slightly absurd photographs commissioned for the newly built W Hotel. In one photograph, a scene is set between a lovely and traditionally decorated room, occupied only by a prone older woman in taffeta and red and portrait of a woman who probably had a very boring life. Her attempt to break down and replicate the Missoni spring 09 Estate line catalog layouts is jarring, disturbing and oddly beautiful. More Denise Prince here.

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