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Have you ever looked at furniture and loved it so much you wished you could wear it around your neck or on your finger so you could take it with you forever? Today’s post examining the intersection of fashion and interiors is a study of when a fabulous modern furniture company decides to delve into the world of jewelry.

Silva/Bradshaw’s furniture and home accessory designs aren’t unlike other modern furniture designers of today: their work is slick, imaginative and a bit pricey. Well worth every penny, no doubt, but still not priced at the sort of numbers that will have me taking home a roomful of pieces (though if I could, or if you’re buying, I’m particularly fancying Bulb Bowls, Circle/Circle Tray and their Constantine table.)

Remarking in a great piece in New York Magazine, both designers wanted to create work that could be enjoyed and afforded by a larger number of people. Hence their forray into jewelry. I don’t often say phrases like “goody goody gumballs,” but that’s exactly how I feel learning about this knowledge.

Their jewelry, like their furniture design, is unique, modern, a little witty, uses fun materials and would look just fabulous on me, I’m pretty sure. At prices that are much nicer to anyone’s checkbook (if any of us used checkbooks, anymore). I don’t even know why I keep typing. These photos speak for themselves. Look at more jewelry photos here, furniture photos here and read the NY Mag article here.

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