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We usually try to write these posts in a way that shows you how inextricably the worlds of fashion and interiors are intertwined. Usually combining imagery from both worlds that have something in common, like color, texture or shape, you get to see how both interior design and fashion borrow a lot from one another. Though, sometimes, we just come across some fashion that totally blows us away in of by itself.

Spotted first on the Lonny Mag blog, the fashion pieces of Mary Katrantzou’s newest line are the closest approximation of what we think people would wear in the future as we’ve ever seen. Architecture had to have had a huge influence on these dresses. The actual cuts of the pieces feel architectural; they have structure and lines that stand away from the body. Also the fabric’s colors and patterns feel so architectural in the way they have planes of color or blocks of pattern. It’s official: if we ever cryogenically freeze our bodies and come back in a few decades as an architect, this will be our uniform.

Images: Lonny Mag blog

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