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What does Golden Globe fashion have to do with hip, modern interior design? Not really much of anything, but it sure can be a great indicator of what hot new colors might be coming up in the worlds of both fashion and interiors. When we spotted this fashion color trend at the Golden Globes, we knew it could be a contender for a great color to bring into interiors, especially since we have plenty of photos as proof.

Where People Magazine calls it “green,” we call it a deep, sexy emerald (green). Emerald is a type of hue that is not only named well, but that really lives up to its bejeweled heritage. Emerald is a deep color, an opulant color. It is unashamedly green, but sometimes, there’s just this slightest hint of blue. It looks great when it’s shiny, but impresses even when it has a matte finish. As you can see from the dress photos, it’s a slimming color that goes great with a lot of skin tones, but most especially skin tones that are accompanied by dark-colored hair.

Just like with dresses, emerald green in interiors looks really smashing when partnered with other deep, rich hues, like ebony-toned woods, other jewel tones and intricate, exotic patterns and textures. Of course, emerald doesn’t like to live in a world of rules, so always feel free to pair it up with a number of different palettes, to see how it interacts with a interesting color moods.

Want to kick start your interiors with a little emerald green today? 2Modern has you covered, of course: Pablo Tube Lamp, Flensted Mobiles and a Womb Chair (for kids).

Images: Apartment Therapy, Desire to Inspire, People Magazine
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