Emerging Designer: Moises Hernandez

Modern Decor

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: sometimes the best, most modern design isn’t the stuff with the least frills or sharpest angles. It’s pieces and concepts that make an impact emotionally and physically, in new and fresh ways, simply and beautifully. Moises Hernandez, you sure know how to charm a modern blog writer.

Yes, Moises’ work is certainly right up our alley when it comes to aesthetics so yes, maybe we’re laying the compliments on a bit thick. But LOOK at this work. That Tie Chair, where one of the supports in the back emulates a neck tie is clever and cool. The Gota Dining Table that’s rock star cool with its rounded edges and interesting way of using color. Even the line of Caramelo tables with its diagonal of color makes us wanna pick up one or two or a 100 of them.

We also love how his modern design really reflects his cultural heritage. From Mexico City, you can really see how he’s a modern designer, but how his surroundings have influenced his work, seen in the bright pops of color and in the subtle and delicate pattern of the Evita Table. With so much cool stuff out there today, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd, but Moises really stands out for us. More pictures, more info and more fun here.

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