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Classy. It’s not always a word you associate with modern interiors, or really interior design in general. But as our love for the fabulous looks of the Mid-Century continue to pervade our rooms and homes, it’s a word we should become accustomed to; they certainly had it in spades back then.

While it’s a little odd in a ultra-modern home, there’s just one thing that comes to mind when we think of the word “classy”: molding. Yes–like crown molding and the like. Add a little bit to a living room and you have an instantly classy room, in our opinion. But today’s DIY project isn’t for crown molding. Not only is it not for every type of style, who wants to put up all that molding?

Today’s project is an easy way to infuse a little class in any style of home and come up with a solution to that ever-present modern problem: where to find cool modern art that’s big and colorful enough! Easy. Tack up some wallpaper and frame with molding. Boom. Instant class, instant art. See an example of what we mean here.

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