Blue Monday: Nerd Out!

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Geeks and nerds unite! We’ve seen a resurgence of all things nerdy and geeky (you know, science, math, space, awesome science fiction shows) and we couldn’t be happier. Being smart is cool, darnit, and we’re only more than happy to share the images and products that help prove that geeks and nerds are way cooler than jocks. We’ve of course rounded up those kinds of products in our favorite color: blue!

Eyeglasses Mousepad $10.20
Vintage Arrow AM FM Transistor Radio in Blue $15
Nerd and Geek Recycled Wood Sign $42
Recycled Geek Gear Blank Floppy Disk Mini Notebook $5.50
Large Glasses Decal $5
Caffeine Molecule Coffee Sleeve $10

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