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Last week I came across the Tape Lamp and was instantly intrigued by it. The lamp is minimal, simple, beautifully crafted and uses cassette tapes. Tapes were such a big part of our youth!  I know the newer generations have only seen tapes in movies and heard of them in tales of the past…but they were like currency to my generation. To see them being used in object design makes my nostalgia-meter start beeping uncontrollably.

“Tape Lamp is the product of creative collaboration between Denis Krylov, Yuri Pitomtsev and Andrei Hakhovich.

First physical prototype of the lamp was created in July 2010 and starting November 2010 we are officially launching sales to the public.

The lamp is completely hand-assembled in San Francisco. We tried create a truly minimalistic object and use two main materials for the lamp – laser cut plexiglass and one hundred micro-cassetes. The bulb type used for the lamp is 40 watt Vida Large G-16.5 Globe. The lamp is UL certified.”

You guys can learn more about the Tape Lamp here.

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