Taking inspiration from Peter Rabbit


I know I`m biased, but London is an amazing inspiration, and you can experiment it everywhere. Of course the amazing design shops and magnificent buildings can be mesmerizing, but if you have more time and may want to protect yourself from the cold weather, choose one of the museums spread around the city and I assure you`ll find something interesting to see.

Right now, at the Victoria & Albert museum – my favourite one! – you can take a look in some old, vintage and very beautiful illustrations at the Peter Rabbit exhibitions. Rings a bell, doesn`t it? A story that has been passed trough generations, first told in a letter from Beatrix Potter to a child named Noel, in 1893.

“In the following years Beatrix sent other picture letters to Noel and to his brother and sisters, including stories about an ‘excessively impertinent’ squirrel called Nutkin and a disconsolate frog called Mr. Jeremy Fisher.  In 1900 Annie (Noel`s mother) suggested to Beatrix that her picture letters might contain material for several picture books.  Fortunately the children had kept their letters safe and Beatrix was able to borrow them to copy and rework her text and illustrations. Noel’s story of Peter Rabbit was to become Beatrix’s first book”

Here are a few images of what you can see at the exhibition! Whimsical and kind of enchanted isn`t it?

Peter Rabbit: the tale of The Tale (until 8 January 2011)

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