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Pattern: Holiday Plaid

Categories: Art + Graphics

Forever associated with the Scottish and those delightful kilts they take to wearing from time to time, plaid had really seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. (No doubt due to the young hipster fashion trends swirling around the pattern). We can’t help but feel a certain nostalgic feeling when we see plaid; in red and green colors, it just feels so Christmas-y. We present to you some holiday plaid items that we think would be a great addition to a home during the holidays (and really, any time of year).

Vintage Sewing Basket $25
Plaid Sportsman Tin $12
Throw Pillow Covers $35
Handwoven Kitchen Towel $16
Plaid Wool Throw $38
Plaid Espresso Cups and Saucers $14

What’s your take on plaid? Perfectly acceptable pattern for the holiday season? Or it has no place in the modern home at all?

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