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Name that Mid-Century Modern Designer

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

We’ve always found a tremendous amount of peace and relaxation from today’s Mid-Century Modern designer’s furniture pieces. Full of natural materials and streamlined shapes, this designer seemed to have an amazing handle on revering the past and designing for the future. If the photos don’t give them away, we’ve got the hints that might:

  • Was a Japanese-American woodworker and architect.
  • Made their ‎home, studio and workshop near New Hope, Pennsylvania.
  • Was bestowed the honor of the Order of the Sacred Treasure in 1983 by the emperor of Japan.

Who is this fabulous designer? Answer in the comments below! Your prize? 15% off all 2Modern orders over $100! (Confession, every one is a winner.)

Images: Swank Lighting1stdibs; Peter Roberts; Carnegie Melon Design

2 Comments to "Name that Mid-Century Modern Designer"

  1. Easy. George Nakashima.

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