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Modern Etsy: Midcenturyville

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Boy, wouldn’t it be nice to live in a town called Midcenturyville? Would it be completely retro-looking? Would old-fashioned values be the norm? We’ll never know, since probably such a town won’t exist, but we can come close with a neat Etsy shop we found.

The Midcenturyville Etsy store sure doesn’t have a lot of offerings, but that’s part of its charm: it’s curated and sleek, just like its items for sale. Simple, chic and affordable, here are some items we fell in love with:

Milo Baughman barrel back chair $300
Mid Century Frank Reenskaug rocker $650
Rosewood Credenza by Dyrlund $1600
Milo Baughman Couch, Chair, Ottoman $6,900
Mid-Century Teak Bar by Bruksbo $750
Vintage Turquoise Cooler by Thermos $40

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