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We promise that today’s Modern Etsy store feature was not chosen based solely on the fact that one of our favorite words is “haus” (but it certainly didn’t hurt). With the holidays swirling around us in a dizzying array of commercialism, bright lights and flashy colors, we thought it would be nice to focus on a store whose items are retro, calming, quaint and lovely.

We spot lots of Mid-Century Modern items in Haus Proud’s Etsy store that have subtly retro details that could fit into an interior of any style. We’re also really loving all the items that are seasonably lovely, like glassware with subtle holiday patterns, wooden accessories that would go well with holiday vignettes and other red and green items that aren’t garish.

Some items we really love:
Mid Century Modern Walnut Wastebasket $34
Brass Starburst with Geese Wall Hanging $58
Large Green Enamel Bowl $28
Haviland Cream and Sugar $20
Frosted Snowflake Tumblers $30
Turquoise Snack Set $24

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  1. Mr. Home Furnishings

    Dec 17, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    I like Etsy because it gives unknown modern designers a platform to show off their designs. Who knows, maybe we will find the next George Nelson at Etsy.

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