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As you may have noticed with the re-launch of the (fabulous) 2Modern blog, we’ve listened to your feedback and have been trying to incorporate more How to and DIY posts per week. Who doesn’t love digging into a project and getting their hands a little dirty? With the impending holiday season upon us, we thought today’s Modern Book Corner was the perfect place to share a modern and crafty book by a funny and talented lady.

Any Sedaris’ book Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People is a tongue-in-cheek look at crafting and how wonderful this hobby can be. Filled with crafts that range from googly eyes to pom-poms, you might not find a lot of, say, terribly useful projects in this book, but you sure will enjoy the humor, and the photos will have you rolling (from laughter). Out for almost a month now, if you’ve heard of this book and haven’t grabbed it yet, let us push you in that direction. You just might find some gift ideas to make for loved ones this year. Or, you might just want to give the gift of craft by giving Simple Times!

From her website: “Simple Times confronts the hard-hitting craft questions that other books of this genre have refused to even acknowledge: Why should every room look like an attic? What is the quickest way to obtain feathers from a bird? What are the best crafting options for the criminally insane? Why is there a half naked man wearing a short canary robe on page 250? Simple Times does more than answer the tough questions, it also transports us back to a golden time when we wore handmade sweaters, carved our cooking utensils out of bark, and the best people would buy books based on a whim.”

Images: Cakeb0t; Pul.se; Amy Sedaris Rocks
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