Modern Architecture from 5 Continents for iPad

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Edition29 is a unique take on the state of modern residential architecture from around the globe. Its content is found exclusively on the iPad with incredible visuals and audio from the individual architect on their project.

Issue 004 continues with elegant modern housing structures from the far corners of the globe, with a special inclusion of a house constructed near the Caspian Sea in Iran. Here the Iranian Architect Pouya Khaxaeli Parsa creates a spatial dialog using a raised cube to merge Persian thinking with modern architectural forms. This house created for his artist wife externally looks like a house that could be plucked from any modern street in the West, but on climbing the stairs to the upper floors, the Persian influence becomes very strong as you marvel at the glass funnel that channels rainwater from the roof all the way to the bottom of the building. This issue also contains take a look at an ultra modern museum-like house near Bruges in Belgium that plays host to an art collection while staying true to the assignment given to the architect for the design of a truly comfortable home for children to roam and enjoy.


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