Katharina Grosse – Fields Of Color

Architecture & Interiors

“Blown up watercolors” is how Berlin-based Katharina Grosse describes her work.  Wielding an industrial spray gun, she applies layers of brilliantly colored paints onto raw architectural surfaces, including walls, floors, windows and ceilings.  Grosse’s bold, large scale installations fuse architectural space and painting in defiance of traditional concepts.

Grosse responds to a space’s architecture and ambience transforming MASS MoCA’s long gallery into an extraordinary environment that confounds conventions of museum display and challenges expectations of painting.  Creating connections as the viewer walks by, around, and above Grosse’s undulating fields of color as they unfold over time and space.   Grosse also incorporates into her multidimensional paintings a variety of unexpected objects, including beds, clothes, balloons, shaped canvases, and soil, joining these incongruous elements in a continuous flow of color.

She has worked extensively throughout Europe, the US and Australia and is now exhibiting her works on canvas at the Christopher Grimes Gallery in Santa Monica, CA through January 8, 2011 as well as her  MASS MoCa show through October 2011.  A colorful way to bring in the new year.
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