Japanese Ultra-Small Homes

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We know that the Japanese often have to innovate when it comes to small space design. With space at a premium there, apartments tend to be small but brilliantly and technologically designed to maximize space and minimize stuff. We have to thank a CNN article for tuning us into another trend, though, the Japanese ultra-small house!

It’s hard to believe that a house could be in a space the size of a parking spot, but yet, the Japanese have done it. Stacking rooms on top of other rooms and leaving only a small architectural footprint, folks who wouldn’t normally be able to afford to buy a house are able to do so. Of course, it takes a certain sort of person to be able to live in such a teeny house. And some don’t even build up; we’ve seen some that have square foot amounts of 600 sq.ft., 500 sq ft. or more!

Could you live in a house this small? Be honest. Would it be wonderfully cozy or too cramped? We can say this much–we bet it doesn’t take a long time to clean a house that size! Oh and by the way, be sure to check out that CNN article…you won’t believe what the homeowner spent on that tiny house!

Images: Trendir; Small House Style; dornob; inhabitat
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