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There are few indicators of popularity when you become a grown-up. In high school, getting chosen as prom queen or king or voted “most likely to succeed” was good evidence you did well in the popularity race, but adults live in a less black and white world. Of course, once a year there arrives a yardstick with which to access how well you’re doing in the world: the amount of holiday cards you receive.

If you happen to be one of those folks who is quite popular AND lives in a streamlined and well-thought out space, you might be worried about the amount of holiday cards you’ll be receiving. Specifically, how to display those holiday cards so that it’s clear that you are loved by everyone (but not pretentiously so), have them visible in case the sender is ever a guest to your home and so that your home still looks sleek and modern even through this tough holiday décor season.

What to do?! We’ve got two ideas we really like, and would like to share them with you!

Hanging on a wire Grab some wire (we really like this set up IKEA has going on) and choose a blank wall. Perhaps the entryway, a hall or even a spot in your kitchen or living space. Use simple metal clips to hang each card, evenly spaced, as it comes in (or just hang them on the wire directly). This way of displaying holiday cards will make each card seem more like a little piece of artwork, and the even spacing will give it some consistency. As favorite or good-looking cards come in, exchange them with cards you might not love as much. This way of displaying is so easy, that if a guest who sent you a card you don’t love shows up, you’ll be able to easily pop it back on the wire.

Box it in We love the idea of temporarily hanging a framed bulletin board or just a plain frame up on a spot in the home, and much like the hanging wire idea, hanging cards evenly spaced. By using a frame to, well, frame the cards, you’ll bring some stability and sense to what could otherwise be a messy grouping of unusual cards. Just don’t let this bulletin board go the way of some bulletin boards by getting cluttered. Don’t overlap cards; keep it to one layer.

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