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With the holiday spirit swimming in the air, we’ve been in the mood for cozy, intimate settings for our eat-out experiences. Those can usually be found in tiny, cozy restaurants. But every now and again, there exists a restaurant, that though big in size, still exhibits a very intimate atmosphere through smart and solid design practices. Like L’Artusi.

The striped ceiling caught our eye first. But then we saw some of the place settings at the larger tables—doesn’t it look like someone’s (albeit fancy) family dinner? This kind of atmosphere doesn’t just enhance the look of the food, it can enhance the enjoyment of your time in the interior, maybe even make conversations richer.

Designed by Brooke Maples, we just love the contrast between the stark white traditional furnishings next to the dramatic black walls, all topped off by a stunning white and gray striped ceiling. It really makes for an inspiring space!

Images: All taken from L’Artusi website
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  1. Leo

    Dec 4, 2010 at 10:22 pm

    It reminds me of a very good dining experience..

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