Food/Design: Aldea New York

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What is it that attracts us to the photos of one restaurant versus another? We can assure you we don’t have a certain list of parameters we are looking for that each one we feature must possess. Sometimes it’s a certain detail that catches our eye and other times it’s just an overall feeling of “I really like this!” Aldea in New York is an overall awesome space.

There’s something very dark and futuristically simple about this space. Furnishings are minimal…just the basics in terms of tables and chairs. The color palette looks to be a sort of space ship, gun metal gray—austere and serious.

Details like a super modern light fixture complete the idea that you might be on another planet or in another time period, but an open kitchen that guests can see the action in helps bring the interior back down to earth. Glancing through their food photos, it’s clear their brightly colored dishes help breathe life into their austere interior.

Images: From Aldea website
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