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Featured Design Element: Modern Mantels

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Modern Decor + Objects

We spent some time last week wowing you with ways to decorate your mantel for the holidays that would be modern and not take away from the sleek home aesthetic you’ve spent months or years perfecting. But what if no matter what you put on your mantel, its own style is still traditional? What if you are looking to upgrade the mantel itself?

We love modern mantels for their sleekness; they are able to stand on their own but also really enhance the surrounding modern decor. Like many modern home elements, modern mantels come in an array of materials, from stone, to brick, to wood and more. We’ve gathered some inspiring photos, and, upon request, some places to pick up modern mantels if you are in the market.

Modern mantel resources:
Mantel Depot
Home Depot
Quadra Fire
Classified Ads and Craigslist

Images: My Home Ideas; Fire Places Are Us; Master Fire Places; DIY Illustrated, Bathroom Makeover and Mantel Craft Blog

3 Comments to "Featured Design Element: Modern Mantels"

  1. As we can see fireplaces really do set off a room and make a functional feature. I really like the inset fireplaces into the wall like in the first image here. They are really warm and cosy especially over the winter months.

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