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Featured Craftsperson: Eric Schmitt

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Many of our featured craftspeople do indeed use their hands to manipulate materials like wood, but that’s not the only thing creative people are utilizing to make beautiful wares. Glass, mirror, metal and more all show up in the work of French designer Eric Schmitt.

We first came across some of Eric’s glass pieces while browsing through 1stdibs. We were struck by the modern shapes, the simple details and the beautiful color palette. Expecting more glasswork, we were surprised to find that he doesn’t just stick to tabletop accessories, rather, delves into all sorts of home items like tables, consoles, seats, lights and more.

Get more information about Eric Schmitt on his website.

Images: Eric Schmitt’s website and 1stdibs.

One Comment to "Featured Craftsperson: Eric Schmitt"

  1. You can see the vases by Eric Schmitt on display ar Valerie Goodman Gallery

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