Featured Artist: Katy Horan

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Winter weather puts us in the mood for dark color palettes, dramatic subject matter and art that is both serious and tongue-in-cheek. Thankfully we’ve found one modern artist creating work that fills all those parameters and more.

Katy Horan’s work is detailed, delicate, feminine, dark, emotive, serious, mysterious and a whole host of other adjectives. From Austin, Texas, you hint a bit of this Southern woman’s past influences with the lovely and feminine patterns–almost like those of doilies and lace–that dot her work and become modern landscapes. Her ability to take simple, geometric shapes and create characters and subjects full of life is astounding–her work might not have a lot of depth of field, but it has a lot of depth of emotion.

Using gouache on paper, we love the color of the background she’s chosen to create her subjects on. It’s almost like you’re not sure if it’s an uplifting background or a background meant to bring you down. We find ourselves tied up in figuring out the story of these creatures she portrays. Where are they going? What are they doing? Are they happy with their life decisions, or regret them? We know we certainly would not regret adding some of Katy’s work to our collection, and you can add to your own by visiting her website.

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