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One would think that ruffles have no place in the modern home, either on a living room couch or in a bedroom closet. But, every now and then you need a touch of femininity to round out harsh lines and soften cold interiors. When we spotted a photo on that famous fashion website the Sartorialist, it reminded us of some interior details we saw in a local store in Austin.

So this women photographed in this Sartorialist photo is obviously stylish and stunning. Could we pull this look off? Maybe (probably not), but she sure is rocking it. That thick, fun texture is so soft and so bold and so girly—and it reminded us of the Ann Gish Seaflower pillows we spotted while visiting local Austin store Feather Your Nest.

The skirt (coat?) and the pillows aren’t the exact kind of ruffle, but stand as a good example of the range of ruffle options available out there. Wouldn’t it be fun to incorporate a little ruffleage (just made that word up) in a modern interior that only has sleek lines and a neutral palette?

You tell us. (In the comments!)

Images: Adrienne Breaux, the Sartorialist and Feather Your Nest
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  1. admin

    Dec 17, 2010 at 2:05 pm

    You can never have enough ruffles! Love wearing them and love them in the home!

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