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Concrete is no new material when it comes to the modern home. Innovative modern homeowners, builders and architects have been using it for the structure, floor finishes, wall finishes, counter tops and more for years. To mention concrete used in fashion, though, might give more of a start. Well, we’ve gathered for you some concrete used in fashion, but also some concrete used in an interesting way, to show just how versatile this material is in our lives.

When you think of concrete in homes, you probably think about it in the ways we mentioned above, with straight lines and sleek edges. But the way it is here, as an outdoor sculpture by Austin artist Paul Oglesby, is curvy and unexpected. Using household objects as molds, Oglesby creates these towering structures that seem to sprout out of the earth.

In contrast to those curvy, unexpected concrete sculptures is some concrete jewelery we spotted on Design for Mankind. Not at all how you might think of jewelry, as curvy or soft or light, these concrete necklaces bring in those straight lines and sleek edges we associate more with the material. And even though these items aren’t what we usually expect from this flexible building material, we sure do love them both.

Images: SOL’s Facebook page, Design for Mankind
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