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Man we’re so in love with today’s Emerging Designer. Continuing on our trend of trying to bring you modern design we think is beautiful, simple, efficient and clever, the furniture design company Another Country fits all those parameters and more. Their work is stunning and truly feels like it could be from another country…or another time…

What makes Another Country so great is the familiar feeling you get from viewing their work. They call on “the familiar and unpretentious forms of British Country kitchen style, Shaker, traditional Scandinavian and Japanese woodwork,” and you really see all those influences that their work embodies. But the efficiency and simplicity of their design is what propels their work to futuristic standings.

Their first series of furniture released is called, aptly, “Series One,” and according to the designers, is a clear representation of their intentions as a design company. And lest you think they’re just pretty pieces of furniture to look at, they also fold in a lot of ethical and smart elements into their work:

We are concerned with efficiency, both yours and ours. So each pieces of furniture in Series One is made in a way that limits wasted material and time (our leg systems are universal), that is easy to transport (flat-pack for large pieces) and versatile (meaning your furniture gets more than one job done).”

Images: Another Country website
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