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Do you ever get a little envious/jealous when you read How-to or DIY posts because you don’t have a DIY bone in your body? Some people can’t cook, some people can’t drive and you know what? Some people can’t wield power tools. Well, we’ve found a How-to project that you can pretty much buy, that with minimal assemblage will look like you are one stylish and crafty person. You like cardboard, right?

Seriously though, we were just tickled pink when we came across the Etsy store Recyclebox. Out of Athens, Greece, this shop has taken one of the hard parts of DIY projects, gathering tools and supplies, and left you only with minimal assembling needs. Only offering the keys to two projects, a modular cardboard storage unit and a cardboard wine rack, you can choose between which project you feel most confident taking on.

Okay, so it would be a little silly to order cardboard boxes and metal clips from all the way in Greece (unless you currently live in Greece), but–and we would never suggest that you copy anything–this could be the kind of project someone could retrofit to their life. It’s kind of got that ironic, eco-friendly, modern look to it, you know?

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