DIY: Cool Oversized Cane Pattern

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We may have spotted this project in a store window display, but we sure think it has amazing potential for a home project that could be an art piece, a room divider or just a burst of color and pattern in the home. Though the original post of this project, by Anna Spiro of Absolutely Beautiful Things, doesn’t share the exact instructions on how to make it, we can see from the photos that it would be a cinch to make as a DIY project!

All you’d need is a frame–you could make one or find an old frame to convert.

Next you’d grab either tape, ribbon or even crepe paper streamers (but we bet that last material wouldn’t hold up over time). I imagine tape could be a bit, well, sticky, whereas with ribbon you’d have to afix it each time it wrapped around the frame (easily done with glue or tape, we imagine).

The cane pattern looks to be (and this is complete estimation based on the photos) rows of horizontal and vertical double stripes (like two ribbons placed say, 2-4 inches away from another, and then placed about 6 inches to a foot away from another double row). Ribbon is then wrapped at a diagonal that is the same distance apart at the double rows of vertical and horizontal ribbon and boom! An awesome cane pattern.

How would you recreate this project for your home? What materials would you use? Have you ever done something similar in your home to create a spot of color and pattern in your interiors? Let us know!

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