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Burano, one of the four individual islands in the Venetian Lagoon, is a charming fishing village with  a colorful and unique skill of artistry. The town is like an expedition from art to architecture. It is only 40 minutes from Venice, Burano is very popular among artists for its brightly colored houses, its historical lacework and Philippe Starck, the French product designer, as one of its residents.

When he moved to the island 25 years ago, he was amazed by the quality of its people, architecture and material “mud”. With his own words, he tells us why mud is very symbolic for him:

“The material of Venice and Burano is mud. It is very symbolic for me, and gave me a direct connection with the place when I first came here. It is the same stuff the primordial soup was made of billions of years ago. If you’re creative, then living in it you feel a direct connection with the origin of life. The best way of living is with your feet in the mud and your head in the stars. The other place where we live is an oyster farm in the southwest of France, near Bordeaux, which is also on a tiny island.”

Burano has turned some of the mud into a colorful painting. It is a paradise for photographers. It is the legoland of the lagoon.

The color palette of Burano houses may have had its inspiration from the local fishing boat colors or from the fisherman’s desire to identify their homes on a misty lagoon day from the distance.

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The tradition of keeping vivid exterior colors create a playful and lively mood.

In order to paint a house, Burano city council takes requests and in return they send a list  of certain colors that are permitted for that specific block.

Burano citizens are known for taking their colors seriously. Each family almost owns their house color and refer them as “their”color.

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    Wow, this looks like a model someone made of an ideal street to live on. You can just imagine the hassle free way of life.

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