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I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but it’s been nothing but half-visible mountains and blurry valleys in my little corner of the world.  Since fog and grey skies have been the status quo for a few days, I thought this collection from Swiss design studio BIG-GAME would be a fitting tribute.

The BLUR collection consists of a vase, two mirrors, three tables, and four lamps, all playing with the idea of blurriness.  As the designers put it, “Erasing bits of reality, the series is composed of meticulously materialized objects celebrating the disappearance of materiality.”  Looking out my window today, I can definitely see where the inspiration might have come from!

Learn more about the BLUR collection and BIG-GAME here.

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About the vase:  The flowers are shoved completely in this unusually high vase. Only the meddling colored shadows appear through the frosted white glass.

About the tables:  A series of low tables in maple silk-screened with a watermarked gradient. Pedestals for missing statues. A small living-room cityscape lost in the clouds.

About the lamps:   The glass dome is an archetype used to show, protect and sacralize a fragile or precious object. Here, it becomes a glowing shape in frosted white glass that illuminates its surroundings rather than shows its content. As if the fetish had vanished into smoke.

About the mirrors:  A mirror with a silk-screened white gradient that make one’s reflection disappear gradually.

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