Blue Monday: Say It With Blue

Modern Decor

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…so we figure a thank you card in a fabulous modern blue must be worth a couple hundred. Whatever you need to say, and whenever you need to say it, improve your message and boost the communication by saying it with modern blue stationary and cards.

Blue’s really the perfect flexible mood color, when you think about it. It can be uplifting and motivating, or commiserate if the receiver is feeling a bit blue. It goes well with just about any style of graphic, and we just know an investment in some blue cards or stationary will enhance how you get your ideas across to others. Here are some we’ve found recently and enjoyed.

Fanny Pack $4.50
Drifting Jellyfish Card $4.50
Letterpress Notecard Set 5 for $15
Packard Car Postcard $3
Snow Angel Letterpress Cards 5 for $15
You Blow My Mind $4
Personal Blue Circle Pattern Note Cards 16 for $20
Let’s Fly a Kite Stitched Notecards 4 for $10
Letterpress Hi Card $4
Dandies Letterpress Notecards 10 for $18
Vintage Bike Flat Notes Letterpress $18
Regina Letterpress Card Set 5 for $11

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