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What is it about winter weather that makes you want to build a fire in the fireplace, create a nest out of all your blankets and order in food for the next few months? Oh yeah, the cold. Don’t use up all your precious blankets, throw pillows and other soft goods to create a grown-up snuggle fort (unless you want to); consider purchasing a piece of furniture that follows the cocooning trend.

Remember that great movie from the 1980s, “Cocoon”? This post has absolutely nothing to do with that movie save for the name, but we loved that flick so much we wanted to fit in a name drop. So what does this trend called cocooning mean?

It’s furniture and areas of your home that create a nice little nestling spot for you to relax and recuperate. Characterized by deep cushions, luxurious materials, high armrests and back and more, in a world filling up with more and more people by the minute, we all need to find a little piece of privacy that we feel safe in.

Some of our favorite resources for finding furniture that envelops is Design Within Reach (many of those Mid-Century Modern designers made furniture that knew how to hug) and Ligne Roset (whose forward-thinking designers understand our need for nestling snuggle spots). Just don’t go for this trend if you don’t have a lot of space in your home; you’re gonna need a bit of room to house furniture that is sort of like a mini-room itself.

Does any of your furniture exhibit some of the characteristics of cocooning? Do you prefer a nice, cozy nest to snuggle in, or totally only go for the wide open spaces that Modernism affords?

Images: Bouroullec.comLigne Roset FacettLigne Roset Moel; DWR Pelican Chair; DWR Womb Chair; DWR Poet Sofa and DWR Egg Chair.
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  1. La Z Boy

    Dec 6, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    What a fascinating post exploring the trend of enveloping furniture. It does seem that the colder Winter months encourages people to envelop themselves inside their favorite pieces of furniture.

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