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Do you remember when simple, stylized bird motifs were all the rage in interiors (and fashion)? Of course you do (how could you forget?)—because it’s still here. Birds are a perfect example of a trend that EVERYONE started doing and that has got us a bit burned out. Do you agree? We examine this trend from all angles:

First, the good: There are of course a few items we still love from this trend and could handle seeing (namely those adorable bird soaps we tried to sell you on last week). We especially love seeing the bird motif used in unique or fresh ways, like on different objects or using exotic bird designs.

Fuzzy Felted Aquamarine Wool Bowl $17
The Heated Party Bird Dishtowel $11
Bird Pillow Cover $32
Bird Cabinet Knobs (set of 6) $30
Dessert Pedestal-Modern Bird $26
Bird Wall Mirror $30
Birds on Grey Circle Mouse Pad $10
Peacock Dinnerware $14-$20

The tired: No offense to any wall sticker makers or wall sticker lovers, but we’re just a bit over the whole bird wall sticker trend.

The scary? Points for originality, at least, but we’ll personally be staying away from bird skeleton motifs and “wacky” animated bird characters.

What do you think about the trend of bird motifs on…well…everything? Are you a diehard bird motif fan? Or are you ready to see this trend fly away? Let us know!

Images: Homedecals; urbanwalls; billyblue22 and Hollyvision art

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  1. Chicago painter

    Oct 27, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    My painting company does stencils. Usually birds and trees. Now it gets less popular than 3-5 years ago. There are many beautiful wallpapers with birds. ie. Komar murals

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