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Time, a nonrenewable resource, is becoming increasingly important to me and I suspect everyone else.  Horology, a word I never really used before writing this blog, is the art and science of measuring time.   Instruments of keeping time would be watches, clocks and even sundials.  Some of these instruments are definitely mechanized works of art.   Speaking to the masculine in design details and fantasies of flying machines, MB&F does that by taking things apart and putting them together in a new way, breaking free of the constraints imposed by traditional horology and creating kinetic sculpture.

Meet Horological Machine No4 Thunderbolt which has a hand for the hours, another for the minutes and a power reserve indicator.   HM4 Thunderbolt, winner of the Best Concept & Designs Watch 2010,  tells the time but is obviously not a traditional wristwatch.  The aviation-inspired case and engine of the Thunderbolt are one. The Thunderbolt’s engine is the culmination of three long years of development.  Each of the 300-plus components – including the regulator and even the screws – was developed specifically for this anarchistic calibre.

Here are a few more to admire and ponder “how did they put that together”?

Boucheron, that most venerable of France’s high-jewellery Houses, interprets the JwlryMachine.  Something for the ladies, I suspect.  An owl shaped presentation either in 18k white gold, with amethyst, diamonds and blue and violet sapphires, or in 18k red gold, with pink tourmaline, rose quartz, diamonds and pink sapphires.
MB&F is for Maximilian Busser and Friends, and what a team of friends to have, whose creativity, innovation and refrain from “going digital” are indeed something for the watch connoisseur to be thankful for.

Have an infinitely modern Thanksgiving!

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