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Square Form is a modern custom furniture company based out of Portland, OR that focuses on sustainable woods paired with steel – a stellar combination in my book.  Most of the material used is sourced from locally salvaged wood and, as owner/designer Scott Cummings states, “[it] allows us to take these trees that we live with outside, and repurpose them once they are felled by a storm or disease into works of art that we can continue to live with inside …  I always find it amazing that there is such beautiful wood in the trees that live in our communities that we walk by everyday.”

As a brand new company, Square Form already has an impressive portfolio of work (including modern cremation urns).  My favorite piece is definitely the Weigel Bench (pictured), which is meant to be used as a combination storage bench.  The walnut top is made from a solid six foot piece of salvaged Western Walnut and the storage chest and shelf are made from salvaged Alder.  In a word: gorgeous!

Square Form will be accepting commissions for custom pieces as well as offering a line of pre-made works, including the very modern steel and bamboo Annex Table.  [Check out their shop for available items.]  Also, stop by Behance to take a peek at their full portfolio.

LINK: Square Form

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