Pattern: Tie Dye

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No longer relegated to the world of aging hippies and bad gift shop items, tie dye is a pattern that has been cropping up more and more in interiors in recent years. When used with bright, bold colors it does tend to remind the viewer of tie dye tee-shirts, but done in more subtle colors and on interesting home items, it’s actually a way to bring in some excitement and energy into a space.

Before you scoff too much at the suggestion that you incorporate some tie dyed items into your home, check out some of the evidence that this could be a trend to stay:

Recycled T-shirt Pillow Cover $27.50
Tie Dye Dishtowels $13.49
Tie Dyed Sheet Set $225
Tie Dye Flags, Banner, Bunting $25
Recycled Tshirt Pillow Cover $27.50
Tie Dye Cotton Tapestry $32
Tie-Dye Table Cloth and Napkin Set $60

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