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Kuba is an African patten that has long been used in interiors to infuse a space with tight pops of global excitement. The Kuba pattern, also known as Raffia cloth, takes its name from the traditional crafts made by the Kuba tribe in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Featuring thick woven textures and modern geometric patterns, it’s clear why this is a favorite of both high-end designers and more affordable manufacturers.

How might anyone incorporate the Kuba style into their home? Well, being that it’s a textile, soft, textile-wrapped objects are the optimal spot. We like seeing it used on pillows, on drapes, on the tabletop, and even on the floor with rugs or Kuba-upholstered floor pillows and ottomans.

There’s something about the primal simplicity of global patterns mixed with the sleek starkness of modernism. Sure all kinds of patterns can go with clean lines, but the tough textures, natural materials and earthy colors of Kuba really bring out the best in modern and Mid-Century Modern design. For some good resources on where to buy some Kuba-style home items for your home, check out the Apartment Therapy post: Kuba-Style Textiles

Images: Etsy, 1stdibs and Wisteria.
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