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Name that Designer

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

It’s hard for us not to profess a soft spot for today’s mystery designer(s), though we confess they aren’t quite from the Mid-Century Modern time period. That’s your first hint. But really, the bold designs of this design collaborative are so distinct that if you don’t immediately recognize them, we’re not sure these other hints will help at all:

  • Were active from 1980 to 1987
  • An Italian design and architecture group comprised of many Italian designers
  • Designed: Post Modern furniture, fabrics, and home décor accessories like ceramics, glass and metal objects.

Who are they?

Images: Gallery of the Interior; DesignApplause; Swank Lighting; Design-Technology and Brekstone Baskets

9 Comments to "Name that Designer"

  1. Too easy… the Memphis Group

  2. Memphis Group :)

  3. Memphis Group. Too easy. I lived in Chicago in the early 80s and there was this furniture store that had many of those pieces. The store’s name was City. I wonder if it still exists.

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