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We’ve got a particular affinity toward things described as “swanky,” and it’s got to do with the word. Swanky is the kind of word that conjures up a number of visceral images. Swanky items are sophisticated. They’re luxurious. But they’ll also slap you across the face if you misbehave because they’re sassy like that.

Did we choose to highlight the Etsy store Swanky Lady Vintage because it’s got the word “Swanky” in the name? Heck no. We chose it because it’s full of fabulous, sassy, kitschy Mid-Century Modern and vintage accessories perfect for spicing up your home or the homes of your beloved friends.

Though, “swanky” being in the title didn’t hurt. We really liked the mix of humor and seriousness this Etsy store possessed. There’s a fine line between delightfully kitschy and, well, kind of tacky, but Swank Lady Vintage walks that line like a stylishly-dressed professional tight rope walker. A few items we really liked:

Retro Faux Bois Ice Bucket $12
Colorful Lotus Bowls-Set of Three $12.50
Vintage White Pottery Planter $12
Little Westclox Clock with Woodgrain Pattern $8.50
Vintage Floral Stackable Mugs $18
Groovy Melmac Bowl Set $7

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  1. Shandi

    Dec 1, 2010 at 5:14 am

    This is my best friend’s Etsy and truly she is a master thrifter. My eyes always turn green with envy when I see her purchases and her Etsy is the best of the best. Amazing job Carrie!

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