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We decided to take shots of this awesome book, True Life: Steven Harris Architects, on warm wood instead of cold concrete, because frankly, this book makes us feel super warm inside. Full of color, bursting with fresh photography and organized in a way that makes a modern lover swoon, you’ll love everything you see in this book.

So who is Steven Harris and why is there a book about his architecture? Truthfully, we’re still too busy looking at all the awesome photos to really give you an in-depth description of his firm, but we can tell you that this book celebrates the over twenty-five years of residential architecture that Steven Harris has created. Organized in sections called “dine,” “lounge,” “play,” “clean,” and more, you realize very early on that this book isn’t about walls, floors or modern materials, it’s about how people live in the spaces that are built for them.

“How I work is how I live,” starts a quote on one of the first pages of this book, “How I live is who I am. My house is my definition: I want to see myself everywhere.” This book is heavy on the full page photos, which as cliché as it sounds, really makes you feel like you’re in these spaces. And as you flip through the pages, you really understand what they mean about focusing on the people and how they live in spaces.

This book is published by (and can be found at the website of) the Princeton Architectural Press, who also graciously donated this book gratis so that we could review it for 2Modern readers.

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