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Small home design has been quite the rage for a few years now. Not only a necessity in large cities where space is a premium, it’s become a popular topic all over the world where economies have slowed and people have been learning to live with less. There are all sorts of ideas and theories on the most efficient and aesthetically-pleasing ways to live tiny, but we came across a book that covers a small sub-section of the tiny home movement, with its own set of specific issues: narrow houses.

The book Narrow Houses: New Directions in Efficient Design by Avi Friedman is chock full of fabulous case studies of successfully small homes that tackle the troubles of being small in one very specific direction. Most homes in the book are modern by design, and each case study comes complete with information, full color photos and fun floor plans. The best part is the contrast between the photos and the floor plans. The photos, due in no small part to the brilliance of those who designed these homes, look full, large, open and inviting—not narrow or constricting, and it’s not really until you see the floor plans that you really get a sense of the limitations due to the narrowness. We also very much enjoyed the diverse range of locations these homes were set in: some in tiny lots in urban settings, others snuck into suburbs and even others in gorgeous natural settings where the urge to not have a large footprint was paramount. You’ll love all the photos and information this book provides—even if you don’t live in a narrow house!

This book is published by (and can be found at the website of) the Princeton Architectural Press, who also graciously donated this book gratis so that we could review it for 2Modern readers.

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