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You don’t have to understand something to love it, right? We sure hope not, because we don’t really understand computer programming, but we sure love the book Form + Code: In Design, Art, and Architecture.

No one can deny that with the advent and influx of technology into our society, the world of design was forever altered, mostly in many good ways. With technology like computers came the ability to meld pattern, repetition and math in ways that would have been impossible (or at the very least very unpleasant) before.

So what is this book about, anyway? The opening questions say a lot: “How has software affected the visual arts? What is the potential for software within the visual arts?” This book takes a fascinating look at the artists and designers who are using software, code and technology to inform, enhance and be their art and design.

Though some of what’s contained in this book is a little over my head, the parts I do get are fascinating and spark curiosity in me for this little explored topic of design. And, the visual graphics in this book are gorgeous, both mentally and aesthetically.

This book is published by (and can be found at the website of) the Princeton Architectural Press, who also graciously donated this book gratis so that we could review it for 2Modern readers.

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