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We’re currently reading Keith Richards autobiography Life. From the marshes of Dartford, a suburb of London, to Rock n’ Roll legend, frank and to the point with a lot of unavoidable humor thrown in, this book is hard to put down. Not always the worldly tough guy Mr. Richards was actually the bullied art student as a child. Anyone interested in the formation of how to live a life outside the boundaries of the expected norms and survive to tell about it would enjoy this book. Much insight into the psychology of a creative and rebellious mindset. It is fascinating to realize, while carried by the telling, how a simple passion for American Blues/Rock n’ Roll could transfer a not so simple English “self described” boy from the sticks into a musical icon. After reading the book you will probably want to hear some of the influences and music that accompanied this rise to stardom. Perhaps the recent digital remastering of Exile on Main Street would make a great accompanying purchase.

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