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Jill Sykes Among The Sycamores

Categories: Art + Graphics

photo: Jill Sykes

The swaying of a Sycamore branch as it gently plays in the breeze makes music almost like a lullaby soothing ones emotions into a meditative peace is what I see when I look at the work of artist Jill Sykes’ latest creations.  Jill Sykes explores color, shape, movement and mood articulated in botanical shadows with a minimalist perspective of positive and negative space. Capturing random patterning, which is fluid and changing, simple right? Do not be fooled, simple is hard to do as it brings intense scrutiny to each element.

photo: Jill Sykes Sycamore House

photo: Jill Sykes Sycamore House

Patron and architect Michael Kovac, commissioned Sykes to imprint her creativity on the exterior walls of a house of his own design, Sycamore House, echoing the artistry of nature itself. The trees’ shadows are permanently etched into the concrete walls of the house creating an extraordinary new canvas. A three year project which often happens when confronted with challenges of experimenting in new materials creating custom designed details. This inspired a new series of smaller works that you can take home and hang on the interior.

photo: Michael Kovac Sycamore House

photo: Jill Sykes Amici

photo: Jill Sykes Sycamore

photo: Jill Sykes Sycamore

photo: Jill Sykes Bowers

photo: Jill Sykes Sabbia

photo: Jill Skyes Hathor

Have an infinitely modern day!

12 Comments to "Jill Sykes Among The Sycamores"

  1. WOW! This is amazing!!! Is there going to be a “home tour”? I want to go!

  2. Beautiful! Soothing images, yet they create a spark of excitement because they are inspirational.

  3. Stunning! Such beauty and talent.

  4. Jill,
    Hi, NICE!
    thank you for sending this to me.
    Ar we meeting some time for coffee-?


  5. Great work! very calming. how is it applied? is it sandblasted?

  6. Long overdue in responding doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s all spectacular. So glad it turned out unique and as impressive as I anticipated, not to mention mellow and calming to behold.

  7. I enjoyed looking at this – would be, of course, better in “the flesh” so to speak. Anyway well done! Beautiful to look at & v inspirational.

  8. Just beautiful. What a wonderful article about fabulous work.

  9. Absolutely outstanding. Another Home Run by Jill Sykes.

    The depiction of the chinese “Li” patterns, the energy patterns of the leaves, both static and living is just lovely.

  10. Jill Sykes is an incredible artist. She did this amazing line of ketubahs (Jewish Wedding Documents) that you can see.

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