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Jetsons Style Design : “Futuristic-Modern” Moon Bench

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Did anyone watch the Jestons (either actively, or over the heads of children) about ten, twelve years ago? They were this cartoon family set in the future… and they had the coolest stuff. Flying cars, robots, meal tablets. As a kid, I coveted the 2050 lifestyle the Jetsons had… but most of all, I adored the weird, space-y furniture.

Two days ago, that warped little cartoon came rushing back to me as I passed by one of those La Brea furniture-strip stores here in Los Angeles — and I saw… this… thing in one of the windows. I almost clipped the Subaru in front of me as I craned my neck to get a second glance. It was weird. It was beautiful. It was… huh. I wasn’t entirely quite sure.

A large espresso and three hours of furniture manufacturer Googling later, I finally found It. ‘It’ is somewhere between a chair, a lounge, a daybed… and was obviously thefted from the aforementioned Jetsons’ Penthouse.

Enter the ‘futuristic-modern’ style — which I’ll be posting more of — and the Moon Bench. It comes in two varying styles… full or half moon. Now, all you need is a flying car.

— Ashley Avis

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