How to: Take Care of Grown-Up Furniture

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Somehow between this week and the last, some sort of weird stain/peeling has taken place on our vintage record player. True, we found the piece for free, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be taking care of it. Unfortunately, we have no idea how to tackle these weird stain/peels. Clean them? Scrape them? Sand them? We decided to write up a list of steps to take when approaching a damaged piece of grown-up furniture so you can remain calm and tackle the situation like a logical adult (and so you don’t make the situation worse).

Identify First, identify what your important pieces are made of. Wood? Laminate?

Determine Like a detective, try to determine what sort of damage this might be. Is it surface? Some sort of scratch or dent? Is something peeling off? Or is something on top of your precious furniture’s surface?

Research Use Google to find the best of the web’s advice when it comes to your furniture’s material and predicament. Not sure if what you’re reading is the best advice—take it to a design blog, meaning search for that same predicament in a blog’s archives or send in a question (oh did you know we tackle design questions from readers?)

Prepare Go to a trusted home repair store and stock on what your furniture piece’s operation will need. It never hurts to survey hardware employees/nice fellow customers about your upcoming project and see what they’re advice is.

Take it slow Set aside some time so you can take your time to tackle this project. Follow the instructions you found slowly, and stop if things seem to get worse.

Send in your before and afters! Okay you don’t really have to do this step, but if your project was a success and you restored your grown-up piece of furniture back to its glory, we’d love to see it. If enough of you guys write in with your advice and expertise, you could help out a whole slew of people in the future searching for their own furniture predicaments!

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