How to: Modernly Decorate for the Holidays

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The holidays are almost here! Did we just hear you cringe from the thought of having to fill your sleek, modern home with chintzy and cheap holiday décor items just so people won’t ask you why you’re being a scrooge?

Fear not. There are plenty of ways to get yourself and your home into the holiday spirit without resorting to cheap cardboard cutouts of Christmas trees and plastic cornucopias. We’ve got six easy (and quick) ways:

Impress from the start Give guests a gust of holiday spirit before they’ve walked into your door by hanging a friendly wreath and some holiday lights on the exterior of your home. A simple wreath of greenery (you don’t have to do anything garish, we promise) is more than enough, and clean white lights will do the trick, too.

Stick to color Just incorporate the colors of the holiday you are going for with accessories and items that you know you love. Maybe it’s some solid-colored throw pillows, or you switch out your living room run for a deep red one. Maybe you find some cute red and green accessories that have nothing to do with Christmas except for the color.

Sweet candle light Don’t underestimate the effects that simple pillar candles can have when grouped together (modernly, of course) and lit when guests come over. If you’re feeling really festive, choose some in the colors of the season (though not necessary if you’re already feeling overwhelmed by all the holiday hues).

Nature is abundantly inspiring Poinsettias, evergreen boughs and even winter branches (plucked from your very own backyard) create an instant feeling of nature, the wintertime and the holidays, and can be sprinkled around your home tastefully (and removed easily when the holidays are over).

Food stuff on pretty serving items You like to cook or bake? Odds are any guests you have come over will enjoy eating the food you cook and bake, so make it something festive and display it adorably on some modern serving ware. Or, utilize some tasty holiday-colored candy in clean, modern display jars that you can use year round.

Smells they can take with them Give in and buy some holiday-scented hand soap for the guest bathroom. It’ll pay off when that holiday cheer smell follows your guest around your home.

How do you keep a modern home and decorate for the holidays? Share your own tips in the comments below.

Images: Digs Digs;  Martha Stewart and Savvy Decorating.
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