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Have you ever gazed at a neighbor/lover/friend’s wall of perfectly arranged, different-sized art pieces in envy, wondering how on earth they accomplished this amazing feat? Banish that envy forever with our two-part guide on how to hang wall art collages (you’re looking at part one, right now).

There are a lot of guides out there (in fact, we’re sure 2modern’s even published one or two before) but make no mistake, this is the last one you’ll ever need. We’ve divided this guide into two parts because we think there are two great methods to attempting the Herculean project of hanging more than one piece of art on the same wall: the scientific/mathematical way and the more artsier/“eye-it” way. Today we come at this project from a more math heavy perspective:

Arrange your collage on the floor Both methods will start this way. This will allow you to visualize how you want your collage to look like before you hang it in terms of the order and aesthetics. Mix and match colors and sizes for variety, or go wild and order by art subject matter.

Start with the middle Grab your middle piece of art and set aside. Find the middle spot of your “canvas” (your canvas is the space on your wall that you desire to place a wall collage on. If you wish to fill up your whole wall, then that is your canvas. If you only want to hang a collage above the space of say, your couch, then you would measure the square/rectangle of wall that resides above your couch). Mark the middle of the wall.

Place your first piece 57” high on center Your first piece in the collage, the middle piece, will be placed 57” high, on center, from the floor. The super math way of figuring that out: measure and mark 57” on the wall. Next measure the height of your art and divide by 2. Next measure from the top of your art to the wire or hanging bracket. Subtract the last amount from the art’s height divided by 2. Take that amount and add it to 57”. This will tell you how far above 57” the nail has to go in order for your piece of art to be hung at 57” on center.

Make sure 57” on center is where you want it After your last mark, take a step back (bonus if you have someone to hold the art up while you look at it). 57” on center is sort of the standard place to hang art—but each home and person is different—so don’t be afraid to adjust a little to fit your house (just don’t hang too high! A common mistake).

Hang the other pieces That middle piece of art was your anchor. Now measure an equal distance from it to ensure all pieces are equally spaced. You can apply the same formula as above only using the width of your art, not the height, to determine the middle spot. We suggest anywhere from 3” to 6” of space between art. The smaller the gap, the more energetic the collage will feel; the larger the gap, the more relaxed the collage will seem.

Assert your awesomeness After successfully hanging this art collage, you’ll be able to invite guests over to marvel at your genius mastery of this home décor feat.

Images: Diary of a Smart Chick; Modern Girl Style; Carol Reed Design and Aubrey Road.

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  1. Stacy Wagner

    Nov 1, 2010 at 6:15 am

    I would love to know who the artist is who did the mixed media collage art in this article!

    • Adrienne Breaux

      Nov 1, 2010 at 7:29 am

      Hmm… I thought for sure it would be in that link under the photo credits but I didn’t see it there. I’ll have to keep hunting for you!

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