How to: DIY Knife Magnetic Block

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There are some things in this world we just sort of accept as magic. How we always manage to hit every red light any time we’re running late…how remote controls work…carwashes…and until today, how knives managed to stay safely attached to those blocks of wood.

Okay, so we suspected magnets had something to do with it, but to tell you the truth, we never thought about it much before today’s post, always just sort of assuming and appreciating that they worked. But when we saw this Life Hacker post on how to make your own wall mounted magnetic knife block, we realized it was time to say goodbye to childish magical ideas and accept good old DIY know-how as the culprit behind this awesome space-saving kitchen design solution.

This project might not be for everyone, but if you’ve been looking for both a do-it-yourself project to tackle and a way to easily display your knives, this could be the project for you! We also think this has great customizable options; just find an inspiring photo of a magnetic knife block and using the DIY idea here create one that’s perfect for your home’s style. Check out the original post in Life Hacker (but actually via Instructables), DIY Wall Mounted Magnetic Knife Block.

Images: Instructables; Jeri’s Organizer and Kai Accessories.

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