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Maybe it’s because we have a trip to London coming up, but we’ve been finding ourselves checking out different restaurants in that British metropolis lately. As you might imagine, there are a number of lovely and fabulous places both to eat, look at, and do both in the same location. Rosa’s in Soho, London, is no exception.

We’re bowled over by the modern simplicity of this Thai restaurant in Central London. From the bright red facade that welcomes you in off the street, to the undulating and striated vertical wood panels that set an amazingly natural-colored tone for the entire space, there’s just not anything we don’t love about this restaurant interior. We even really like the modern take on a paneled ceiling.

The perfect balance is struck between the neutrality of the wood accents and the bold and bright punches of red color in the space, like in the chairs. It’s in these kinds of interiors where the people and the dishes really end up doing the singing. Rosa’s was designed by the London firm Gundry & Ducker.

Images: Rosa’s and Cool Hunter

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